Expect true rail maintenance experts!

Our Services

Construction & Switches

We use cutting edge equipment that allows us to produce accurate results and reduce margins of error.

Our work is professional and efficient, put your trust in us!

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Maintenance & Rehabilitation

Our trusted team will repair and rehabilitate damaged railways in no time, while providing professional and lasting work.

KLN, the rail maintenance expert!

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Crane Rail Installation

With our experience and knowledge in the field of rail maintenance, we guarantee quality work. We are able to understand your needs, trust our expertise!

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Thermite Welding

Thermite welding has many applications that reduce the maintenance costs of rail networks. It eliminates rail joints, which create a weak area.

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Surfacing & Grading

The KLN team specializes in mechanized surfacing and grading. Our experts in the field of rail maintenance will meet your specific needs and be able to fulfill your expectations.

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Why Us?

Equipment for all taks

From the smallest to the largest, we have the equipment required to carry out all your rail maintenance work.

The best quality / price ratio

Our company only exists thanks to our clients, which is why our priority is to offer the best possible quality for rail maintenance.

Customer satisfaction, our priority

We offer 24/7 emergency service. We are known for our expertise and for the quality of our services, that is what defines our brand.

Safe work

We ensure that each team member is committed to a safety-minded approach to work at all times.

Experience and innovation

We have gained considerable experience since 1995 and strive to encourage new ideas in order to be continuously improving.

Confidence and guidance

We support you and provide transparent guidance for tasks that include achieving your rail maintenance projects.

Our Customers

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